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Place Guerbois - 78840 - MOISSON - tel : 01 34 79 37 53

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Who we are ?

The Musée de la Ballonnière & du Jamboree de 1947 is managed by the “Moisson, le Ciel des Géants” association.

This is a not-for-profit association created on 3 April 2003 and governed by the French Law of 1901.

The purpose of this association is to :

• Ensure that all means are used to preserve the history of the manufacturing and flights of dirigibles in Moisson as well as the Boy Scout Jamboree of 1947, referred to as the “Jamboree of Peace”.

• Promote all aspects of the town’s heritage and, more generally, all of its cultural activities.

• Manage the operation and administration of the Musée de la Ballonnière & du Jamboree de 1947.

Registered office :

Mairie de Moisson – Route de Lavacourt 78840 Moisson, France

Tel. +33 (0)1 34 79 30 41

The “Moisson le Ciel des Géants” association is seeking objects, documents, photos and other information on the two events presented in the museum.
Please send your donations to the address indicated above.

Qui sommes-nous ?